All Natural Cylinder Loofah Sponges
All Natural Cylinder Loofah Sponges All Natural Cylinder Loofah Sponges All Natural Cylinder Loofah Sponges
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These Cylinder Loofah Sponges are 100% biodegradable and/or compostable and made of natural plant fibers. They are a great alternative to synthetic sponges and can be used for both showering or washing dishes. Note that since they are unbleached their colors slightly differ and tend to be softer than treated loofahs. It is perfectly normal to see areas of discoloration or even a couple of seeds.

  • Biodegradable and/or compostable.
  • Great for dishwashing, cleaning counters, or sinks.
  • Great for shower or bath.
  • Great for exfoliating skin and face.
  • Choose from 3 different sizes.
Since the loofah sponges are derived from natural plants their sizes vary and the following measurements are approximate.
  • Small: 2" diameter, 4" height
  • Medium: 2.5" diameter, 4" height
  • Large: 2.75" - 3" diameter, 4" height

How to Use:
Rinse them in warm water before use and the loofah will unfold in your hand. Add liquid dish soap or rub onto a dish block soap to lather sponge. Note loofah may also be used in the shower or to clean hard surfaces.

Care Instructions:
Rinse, clean, and wring out any moisture after every use, then air dry. Please note that if the sponge is left damp it will grow bacteria and mold. The sponge can be sanitized in boiling water and you may add vinegar to eliminate odors. Another option is soaking your loofah in a solution of 5% bleach 95% water for 5 minutes, note that this will alter the loofah color. We recommend replacing the sponge every 3-4 weeks.