Hippy Monkey

Organic Cotton French Market Bag


Introducing the Organic Cotton French Market Bag, the perfect accessory for eco-conscious shoppers everywhere! Made from 100% organic cotton, this durable and reusable bag is perfect for carrying groceries, books, or anything else you need to tote around.

The Organic Cotton French Market Bag features a spacious interior and sturdy handles, making it easy to carry even the heaviest of loads. Its classic and stylish design is perfect for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Not only is this market bag made from organic cotton, but it's also free from harmful chemicals and dyes, making it safe for both you and the environment. Its lightweight and breathable fabric means you can use it again and again.

Whether you're headed to the farmer's market, the grocery store, or just out and about, the Organic Cotton French Market Bag is the perfect companion. Its spacious interior and sturdy construction make it perfect for carrying all your essentials, while its eco-friendly materials make it a guilt-free choice for conscious consumers.

The bag measures about 25" long. The mesh part of the bag measures 15" height by 16" wide with a 12" long handle. Please note that the measurements are approximate, and the bag will expand to larger lengths and widths.

*Great for all types of fruits and vegetables: carrots, broccoli, beets, apples, oranges, onions, bananas, plus more!
*The bag can be used as a perfect beach bag for children's toys and towels.
*Lightweight/Efficient - bag expands to hold a large capacity.
*It helps reduce the use of single-use plastic bags.
*Ships plastic-free!

Care Instructions:
For best results machine or hand wash in cold water and line dry. Fabric will shrink when washed. Iron if needed.