Zero Waste All-in-One Kit
Zero Waste All-in-One Kit Zero Waste All-in-One Kit Zero Waste All-in-One Kit Zero Waste All-in-One Kit Zero Waste All-in-One Kit Zero Waste All-in-One Kit Zero Waste All-in-One Kit
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Zero Waste All-in-One Kit - Sustainable and Eco-Friendly products to help you eliminate single-use plastics. Perfect for you or a friend!

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What's in the box?

  • 1 Bamboo Cutlery Set - (Grey or Beige)
  • 1 Organic Cotton Produce Bag
  • 1 Toothbrush - Select one (Pink Medium Bristles, White Soft and Medium Bristles, Green Medium Bristles and Gray Medium Bristles)
  • Bamboo Cotton Swabs
  • 1 Soap Saver
  • 10 Hemp Rounds with Cotton Storage Bag
  • 1 Konjac Facial Sponge

Bamboo Cutlery Set - Includes 1 spoon, 1 fork, 1 knife, 1 set of chopsticks, 1 straw, and 1 straw brush.

Natural Cotton Produce Bag - 100% Cotton String Mesh Bag expands to hold more than it looks, this mighty bag can hold 10-12 lbs comfortably and up to 15-20 lbs. The bag measures 12" x 14.5" with a 10" handle.

Toothbrush - Truthbrush Toothbrushes are made up of organic bamboo, with plant-based bristles. Bristles contain 62% castor bean oil and 38% nylon, reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Sisal Soap Pouch - is perfect for getting every last lather out of your bar soaps. The soap pouch is made of natural sisal fibers derived from agave plants. Provides lather and exfoliates.

Bamboo Cotton Swabs - a multi-purpose and eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic cotton buds. Each pack contains 200 cotton swabs and comes in a recyclable/compostable paper box.

Set of 10 Reusable Facial Hemp Rounds with a cotton mesh bag: a great alternative to disposable, hard to recycle or biodegrade conventional facial rounds. Our rounds are machine washable and are perfect for removing makeup, applying toner, or everyday facial care.

Konjac Sponge - made from the root of the konjac plant, this natural sponge exfoliates, purifies, and removes makeup. This ancient Japanese skincare secret is 100% natural and biodegradable. Select from Charcoal, Lavender, or Natural.