Zero Waste Lotion Bar - Chocolate Rose
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A deeply moisturizing treat for hands and body, this lotion bar is wrapped in 100% recycled tissue. The Chocolate Rose lotion bar is made up of local and organic ingredients such as cocoa butter, alkanet root, and sunflower oils. A great alternative to conventional lotions packaged in plastic containers. 

  • Approximately 3 oz each bar.
  • Note: The listing is for 1 lotion bar. 
  • Imperfect option for solid lotion bars with minor physical imperfections. 

How to use:

To use, warm between hands to melt the outside and massage the bar over body. Great after bathing! 


  • *^Beeswax
  • *Cocoa butter
  • *Roses
  • *Alkanet root infused into extra virgin coconut*
  • *Sunflower oils
  • Unrefined Vitamin E oil
  • *Geranium essential oil