About Us

The Story Behind the Monkey

We are a small family team. 

Mom, dad, and son. 

Our journey didn’t actually begin with a monkey, it began with a baby. When our son was born, as with all parents, his safety and well-being became our number one concern and we started looking carefully into the baby products we were buying. Unfortunately, many of the products we found were made up of questionable materials and ingredients, and we soon began seeking out alternatives.

Frustrated with our situation, we hit the library and started doing research on non-toxic, low-waste, and zero-waste products. Esme, a librarian by day, was able to use real databases to find out more about the ingredients and processes behind everyday household products. After some self-schooling, not only did we discover the baby products we were looking for, but we also found some great products for ourselves.  It was time-consuming but well worth the effort -

less worries, less waste, less trips to big box stores.

What started off as a search for non-toxic baby products ended in Hippy Monkey. We started this shop because we want to share our favorite products with you. 

P.S. We also won’t try to guilt-trip you into buying our stuff. We promise.